Green Fodder Mandi Bhav today | Green Fodder Price in Mandi

Green Fodder Mandibhav Summary

Green Fodder Highest Price: ₹400

Mandi: Ambala City(Subji Mandi)

District: Ambala(Haryana)

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Green Fodder Mandi Daily Report

Date Mandi District State Min. Price Max. Price
Ambala City
₹370 /qt
13 Jun 24 Ambala City Ambala Haryana ₹360 /qt ₹370 /qt
Ambala City(Subji Mandi)
₹400 /qt
12 Jun 24 Ambala City(Subji Mandi) Ambala Haryana ₹380 /qt ₹400 /qt
Ambala Cantt.
₹340 /qt
11 Jun 24 Ambala Cantt. Ambala Haryana ₹300 /qt ₹340 /qt